It’s 5 o’clock summer-wear: Products

I’m the first to admit it that I am addicted to beauty products…I have a joke going with the local Blue Mercury ladies that every month a half of my paycheck goes to feeding my fetish. I love trying new products, and when I find ones I’m obsessed with I keep coming back for more!

A few of my top favorites cosmetic brands – Smith & Cult, Laura Mercier, Chanel for lipgloss and, of course, Lancôme. In the summer, though, my entire beauty routine changes and so does my preference for what I’m putting on my face and body…think long wear, bright tones with an all around lighter feel that are also lighter on your checking account!

ACS_0003 2

Here are my top five picks for beauty products this summer!

1) Olay Everyday Moisturizer with SPF 15 – This lightweight, non-greasy formula comes in handy in the morning, after a gym sweat session or during a no shower happy hour. As the first step in my after-shower beauty regimen, I love lathering up my palms and rubbing this directly onto clean skin; it smells enough like sunscreen so you know it’s working, plus it gives you that touch of Waterbabies nostalgia. Best of all it’s around $15 per bottle, so if your non-product buying boyfriend needs some cover or your girlfriends want to borrow it at the pool, it’s no biggie.

2) St. Ives Mineral and Collagen Body Moisturizer – Again, lightweight feel and dries in seconds, plus it smells like a hint of Ivory soap which to me, screams summer breeze and fresh linen.

3) Kate Sommerville Makeup Setting Spray w/ SPF 50 – If you feel the need to splurge this is a dream and smells like a day in the sun at a Four Seasons beach. Spritz this after you do your makeup and you look fresh (and are protected from the sun!) for the entire day. Makeup literally stays on your face when you’re sweaty on the beach or on a hike.

4) Smith & Cult – I love Smith & Cult’s lip glosses. My two favorite shades are “Her Name is Bubbles” and “Hi-speed Sonnet.” The rich formula goes on semi-sheer and is always creamy, never sticky. The more you reapply, the more vibrant the color becomes. It is moisturizing but doesn’t have the highest staying power on your lips, especially if you’re sipping cocktails since it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!

5) Estee Lauder Double-wear Concealer – I wear the shade “Light” and honest to God, it’s the only concealer that doesn’t run, smudge or crease in the heat! I wear contact lenses so my eyes tend to have a bit more moisture in general and I always get smudges on my under-eyes from mascara. With this Double-wear Concealer, there’s minimal smudging and the non-greasy formula stays put even on the balmiest summer nights.

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