Consulting Services

All of Erika Siegfried Creative Marketing & PR services are priced at $100/hour to keep the pricing structure as streamlined as possible.


Marketing Therapy (3+ hours/month)
You know what you like to create, but you’re not quite sure how those interests or skills align with the marketplace? Marketing Therapy is a gateway for any emerging or established business owner to help to recognize where you fit into the market and in turn, help you to refine your brand identity.

We act as a sounding off board by offering creative marketing approaches and brand language.

Copywriting (4+ hours)
Need a new About page for your website, copy for promotional materials or ways to articulate what it is you exactly do? First, you’ll be posed with some thought-provoking questions about your business and overall brand, then we’ll meet over Skype or FaceTime to get a feel for your personality. You think about why you love to create, and we’ll think about ways to describe it in its best light. We’ll deliver you a shiny new mantra that illustrates how you gain inspiration to create your magic!

Social Media Management (3+ hours/month)
With a steady stream of raw material from you (including a bit of a backlog to ensure continuity), we’ll create and post regular content and engage with your audience. We can scale our service up or down to fit your needs and budget.

Prospect Identification & List Creation (6-8 hours)
Prospect Identification and List Creation are quoted between 6-8 hours, and in that time frame it can usually turn out ~200 contacts depending on your preferred prospect criteria. This starts with a mini questionnaire so we can both be clear about the direction we’re going with this list of prospects.

The deliverable includes company names, names, job titles, emails, URL, addresses and phone numbers. For the most part, research is done to ensure the person that’s being put on your list is specific to decision-makers and hiring power for your offered services.

Marketing Implementation (6-8 hours)
This begins with a targeted list build of ~50 contacts focusing on the types of prospects we identify as most appropriate for your brand. Followed by a cycle of Direct Marketing Implementation which includes direct, personalized emails to that list of ~50 prospective clients introducing them to your brand and getting their feedback.

Any immediate interest will be connected with you directly and upon completion, you’ll receive a copy of the list with all the feedback/contact information from the campaign. There’s way more to it than this, but you’ll learn once we begin!

We provide an estimated quote and outlook to completion for each project. A 50% deposit is required upfront to begin any service for new clients.